• Gorgeous Wedding Cakes For Your Inspiration; Wedding Cakes; Floral Wedding Cakes; Floral Cakes; Romantic Cakes; #weddingcake #floralweddingcake #cake #weddingart
    Wedding Art

    20 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes For Your Inspiration

    There are few things we appreciate more than a decadent wedding cake—both in taste and style. Dessert trends come and go, but nothing takes the place of a delicious cake that satisfies more than one of your senses. With that said, we’ve rounded up 20 gorgeous cakes that promise to do just that. Our favorite kind of wedding cake is the kind that makes a statement by adding to your wedding décor. For bohemian brides, we’re loving delicate flower wreaths, organically placed leafy vines, or anything with an earthy feel. If your style is more contemporary, a sleek, smooth finish and geometric details, such as a repeated tile pattern, hexagonal tiers, or triangular adornments,…

  • Beautiful Wedding Cakes Ideas For Your Big Day; Wedding Cakes; Floral Wedding Cakes; Floral Cakes; Romantic Cakes; #weddingcake #floralweddingcake #cake #weddingart
    Wedding Art

    50 Gorgeous Wedding Cake Inspiration For Your Big Day

    Do you want to make your wedding special? If the answer is yes then you must pay attention to the wedding cake! The cakes must look beautiful and at the same time, they must taste delicious! In order to have these outstanding effect, here we give you some inspirations about the wedding cakes. Cakes usually have a sauce or glaze that looks to run down along the sides of the cake. Or the cakes usually decorated with flowers, twigs, berries, fruits and small treats in the form of Macarons or chopped nuts. The cakes with rose flowers are so gorgeous and it will show your good taste about the wedding…

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